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Interior Design and Decorating for Clinics


The interior design and layout of your clinic makes a lasting impression and is also imperative in creating a positive first impression. The very best clinic layout and décor will use the area to its very best advantage and make a relaxing, comfy atmosphere for the patients and their families. Whether it’s a family dental or upscale women’s cosmetic surgery clinic, there are decorating tips that contribute to offer a welcome environment and help set your patients at ease.

The design and decor you choose will depend on several Factors, including the kind of practice you operate, the number of individuals it ought to adopt, and if they have any special needs. Below are a few clinic design thoughts and factors to keep in mind:

Reception area. First impressions count, especially in service industries. How do you want patients to be greeted when they arrive? You might prefer patients to register themselves in making use of a touchscreen, or be greeted by an employee at the reception desk? Consider if you would enjoy your waiting area to be different from the reception area. If there is a reception desk, ensure it is positioned in an accessible place and at an appropriate height and size, depending on requirements.

Meeting patients’ special demands. Can your patients have specific requirements? Fantastic clinic layout will place patients at the forefront. A children’s clinic may call for new and bright décor with a possible play and activity area, and baby changing facilities, a clinic specialising in disability will have to prioritise accessibility and convenience. It is all about understanding the needs of your customers and providing the best experience possible.

Accommodating family. Can you expect a good deal of family and friends of patients to utilise the waiting area and amenities? Think about how to keep them comfortable during a long wait. Consider providing facilities like water fountains, coffee machines as well as magazines. Providing ample seating is an obvious must, consider private waiting rooms for larger groups or families with young children who may need some space.

Hospitable furnishings. Strive to offer comfortable seating and furnishings. Have seats and benches with soft padding to relieve pressure and have seating of different heights and widths. Seating should be easy to maintain and choose colours that do not show stains and marks easily. These options may also be employed to encourage a branded appearance; you can utilise branded colour schemes and logos on furniture. Rugs, plants and side tables are good examples of furnishings that can enhance the space. You want the waiting room to feel homely and inviting, not sterile and scary.

Lighting and colour. A glistening, white inside with bright light may communicate surgical cleanliness, whereas more muted lighting, rugs and pale colours may offer a more relaxing setting for anxious patients or those who may be receiving negative news. A patient undergoing a breast reduction at your clinic will want comfort and support from a clinic that is branded to look and be caring. Stick to simple and clean colours with pops and accents. Pastels are always a nice choice; you can add colourful pillows and cabinet doors as colour features.

Tech. Designers say free Wi-Fi is a given these days and a few clinics are moving beyond that with areas charge devices while waiting. Having info stations with tablets to browse and watch health demonstrations and access information’s are helpful and can appeal to tech-forward customers. Don’t forget about the basics such as a TV’s around the room and decent audio.

Art. Another significant quality that goes a very long way in identifying an environment is art. Ideas may include photography of neighbourhood landmarks or scenes from nature. Or use the chance to reinforce manufacturer ties. One source for budget-friendly art options is acquiring art from local communities and organisations as well as independent artists. You can find budding and semi-professional artists wishing to sell their work for cheaper rates. You get to help local businesses as well as have lovely local work displayed in the clinic. Art can lift morale and provide a talking point for visitors. Utilise modular exhibition wall systems to tastefully display artwork and choose a motif such as nature or cities. You could even display children’s artwork, use a simple frame and mount and it will look like a professional museum display in no time.

The objective is to utilise a mixture of substances, light, and furnishings which tie together and provide a look and Feel that distinguishes it from other people.

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