What Are The Tools Used To Fix The Drain?

What Are The Tools Used To Fix The Drain?

December 26, 2019 0 Comments

One of the most common installations at homes and in offices is the plumbing system. A blocked kitchen sink can be quite expensive to fix. Many homeowners use DIY drain cleaning methods to save money. However, DIY enthusiasts need specific tools to ensure the effectiveness of plumbing applications. 

Sometimes, they could use heavy-duty tools to remove block plumbing pipes and lay new pipes. In this article, our expert explains different ways of ensuring success with the maintenance of drains.

Power Snakes (Augers)

Augers are not real snakes but are cables that can get to 300 feet. Usually, blockages need metal tools to flush them from pipes. A blockage can be food particles, fabric materials, or decomposing wastes. Since augers can sense these blockages, they apply pressure that helps to clear pipelines. These technical features give augers another name (power snakes) and ensure they remove stubborn drain clogs efficiently.

The Sink Plungers

Sink plungers are basic drain cleaning tools for homes and offices. Normally, drain clogs are embarrassing when water backflows from the affected fixture. There are specialty plungers for bathroom and sink fixtures. Avid DIY enthusiasts don’t need special skills to use this drain-fixing tool. However, the best way of protecting any plumbing fixture with drain pipes is to install vents that have tiny spaces. When there’s a clog, the plunger can clear the drain through its vent.

Inspection Cameras Offer Clear Views of Blockages

While I don’t expect homeowners and DIYers to have this tool, professional blocked drain plumber needs them to make their jobs easy. Inspection cameras work like the CCTV, and they have cables that run through the clogged pipe. However, the inspection camera uses a screen to interact with the user. Since this tool depends on video signals, the end of its cable has a lens that sends images to the handheld screen. 

One of the advantages of inspecting drain pipes with a camera is the cost-effectiveness. This

technique saves time, labour, and money. Also, modern inspection cameras for unclogging drainpipes come in respective sizes with user-friendly features.

What Are The Tools Used To Fix The Drain?

A Mixture of Hot Water and Acidic Soda 

Cleaning the drainpipe with boiling water is helpful for both plumbing DIYers and professionals. Usually, people use mix vinegar or baking soda with water. Our experts recommend that after pouring baking soda to the pipe, boiling water should be used to flush immediately. Applying this solution with the wrong technique might leave unsatisfactory results. The heat from boiling water can melt clogged debris like grease, cooking oils, hair particles, and soap residues.

Keep a range Of Plumbing Hardware in the Toolbox

The basic plumbing hardware like a hacksaw, pipe wrench, screwdriver, tubing cutters, and pliers are handy tools. Usually, these must-have devices are ideal for every plumbing toolbox. Apart from helping to clog drain fixtures, plumbing hardware is easy to use during the home drain-cleaning task. A simple tool like the pipe metal file can fix drain pipes and ensure the healthy air quality in your home.

Apply Hydro-Jetters

Heavy-duty plumbing equipment like hydro-jetters uses pressure to unclog drains. Since they use water (hydro) pressure, inside the equipment is sealed to maximize its force of operation.

Most plumbing experts use this tool, but DIYers can buy lightweight hydro-jetters from local home improvement stores. When augers fail to provide enough pressure that can unclog drain blockages, the hydro-jetter can save the day and apply consistent force. 

Usually, hydro-jetting machines for commercial applications have between 1500 to 3000 PSI of power. With this range of pressure rating, the stubborn drain might have little resistance to hydro-jetters. Also, these equipment are ideal for normal and complex drain cleaning operations.