How to Find the Ideal Place when Purchasing a House

August 13, 2018 0 Comments

You can change everything about a home except its place. But deciding the ideal location comes down to numerous variables, writes Ms Williams, who is in the property management industry.

It is one matter to become street-smart, however how can you opt for the smartest road to get a property on? Since the decision is vital to creating a fantastic investment as the pros say. How to invest in property can come right down to the difference between a few streets, one of which may be closer to a park, one closer to the city.

You can change everything in a home – you are able to expand it, do it up or pull it down but you cannot change its place and street it is on, states Kim Quick, Sydney home manager of valuers Herron Todd White.

You can purchase a really nice looking house or make it so, however if the street does not match that, then you may wind up in the place you do not wish to maintain: getting the very best house on the worst road. The alternative of the street should be a higher priority than many men and women give it. It should be at the top few concerns, or even number one.

Some roads are clearly splendid areas to have a home or apartment. Wolseley Road at Point Piper using its own views of this harbor, for example, is among the world’s priciest street, together with four of the top five revenue in Sydney at 2014 totalling $135 million.

Nonetheless, it isn’t only about good perspectives. It may also be well worth spending for a fantastic street using a park or public transportation or neighbouring festivals, or one that has all legacy properties on large blocks of property.  You also need a road that is silent, may be lined with trees, does not have a frontage of garages facing the road, and contains a fantastic community sense.

At least 30 percent of the purchasing decision about a home needs to be on the street and surrounding areas.

Surely, homes on streets considered more desirable frequently command higher costs compared to their neighbours’ as explained by property investment advice experts. The priciest three-bedroom apartment on Kirribilli Avenue lately sold for about $ 8 million; the most expensive three-bedroom townhouse on the neighboring Upper Pitt Street travelled for $4.3 million. On favourite Garden Street, Alexandria, a two-bedroom property sold for $825,000 in September; a comparable one on Wyndham Street went for $656,000. And also a three-bedder on Yarrannabbe Avenue at Darling Point brought $3.1 million; it’s equal on Darling Point Road travelled for $2.6 million.

A cul de sac is another advantage, considers Patrick Bright of EPS Property Search. Then you need one where the homes are always of a fantastic standard, also; you do not need a 100-year-old home standing alongside one that has been around a decade. You also need to be near the action but not directly on the activity.

If there is a two-hour parking limitation on the road, then you are too near it. You also should check it is not a rat-run during the night time for visitors to shoot short-cuts through.

It’s all very well purchasing a rundown house to revive, but the threat is, if the street is not worthy of your $100,000 renovation, then it will not be a value-add. You have to be at a fantastic road with lifestyle comforts to warrant doing the job, advises Simon Cohen of Cohen Handler. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money.

Streets of homes with wide frontages that sit nicely on flat blocks are just another fantastic sign of a wise road. Ideally, they need to be north facing in the back to capitalise on sunlight, Stuart Jones of Rose & Jones explains. And when there is height on which the house sits, then it should have view of some sort as it would make the property for sale in the future go for a higher profit than without a view.

Tastes can change also and nowadays, with the huge shift towards apartment dwelling, the finest streets for flats are often near plenty of lifestyle alternatives, considers Jones. They’ll often have cafes, dry cleaners, convenience shops and grocers. People want a road which will complement their way of life.


When builder Mark Griffiths made a decision to purchase and renovate an older home, he decided what he thought to be the very best street in Darlinghurst, Surrey Street, and began looking. And then when he saw a home there available, he snapped it up, in order to undergo a diy property sales situation.

I believe that the road is among the most significant things in deciding on a home, as Griffiths explains who purchased the three-storey, 100-square-metre home at No. 60 with his wife Katrina.

It is one-way, it is very quiet, it is coastal, also it has got an outstanding bushland setting supporting the Victorian terraces on both sides, and on the other it’s these big, beautiful Georgian houses. Then there is a beautiful little kids’ park halfway down; in the very end of the road you have obtained the lively Victoria Street with its amazing restaurants and cafes.

Griffiths determined the home’s place was so great, he even spent tens of thousands of dollars to doubling its floor area by stretching out the back and placing a fourth storey at the top making his property valuation increase.

It is now a stand out home on the best road, says Griffiths. You sit on the trunk of the home and you are surrounded by bush, listening to the kookaburras and lorikeets and you may be everywhere.